The Surrey Football Association (FA) has relaunched its groundbreaking initiative, “Unite Through Football: Refugees,” aimed at enabling refugees, particularly women, to find community and strength through football.

Building Community Through Football
The inaugural edition of the programme brought together over 200 players from 35 different countries, creating a vibrant and diverse football community. Since its inception, the project has continued to flourish, offering men and women across the South East of England a platform not only to play football but also to forge meaningful connections within their local communities.

A League of Inclusivity
The initiative is structured as a league, facilitating monthly fixtures and ensuring that players are equipped with essential gear, including kits, boots, and even prayer facilities. This commitment to inclusivity and respect for diverse needs underscores the programme’s dedication to creating a welcoming environment for all participants.

Impact on Integration and Well-being
Anwar Uddin MBE, diversity and inclusion manager at the FA and former professional footballer, highlighted the project’s role in fostering integration and enhancing the mental and physical well-being of participants. He emphasized the profound impact of these sessions in nurturing a sense of belonging and connection among refugees and the wider community.

Looking Forward
“Unite Through Football: Refugees” exemplifies how sport can serve as a powerful tool for social integration and personal development. By providing refugees with the opportunity to engage in football, the Surrey FA is helping to build stronger, more inclusive communities.

Source: Project to help refugees play football relaunched by Surrey FA – BBC News

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