Call for Mentors: Empower Refugee Women in Sport

The REWINS 2.0 project aims to promote the inclusion of refugee women in sport and training coaches, by creating mixed women’s teams of refugees and developing training structures. 

We are looking for 10 mentors, they can be men or women who possess 2 years of experience working with refugees. As a mentor your role will be crucial in guiding and empowering coaches with little or no experience of working with refugees. 

You will have four days to offer us spread over four months. In exchange we can offer you a change-making experience and €750 in exchange.

REWINS addresses the need to create training programmes for the inclusion of refugee women in different team and individual sports (football, dancing, volleyball, swimming, athletics, etc) and offers an online customised mentorship programme for coaches/ trainers working with refugees. 

The project is a European Union supported cooperation led by Fare network. Partners are Girl Power, Denmark;  Organisation Earth, Greece; UISP, Italy; A.E Ramassa, Spain

Full details of role

In pursuit of our mission to empower and understand the needs of refugee women in sports, the REWINS 2.0 project is seeking dedicated mentors to join our cause.