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INtegration through SPort and Inclusion for Refugees inEurope for Sustainability [INSPIRES]


The potential of sport as a tool for social inclusion and integration has been tested and acknowledged, but access to sports facilities for refugees remains limited. Local sports organisations struggle to adapt existing activities and facilities and to create suitable engagement programmes due to a lack of knowledge of refugee needs and expectations. INSPIRES aims at equipping refugees, key actors in football (coaches, referees, administrators in clubs), and CSOs with the skills and knowledge required to support the integration and social inclusion of female refugees in the EU. To meet the general and specific objectives a Needs Based and Demand Driven Approach will be applied throughout the project.

INSPIRES has 6 main phases:

  • Needs Analysis
  • European Stocktaking Seminar
  • WP3 Online Capacity building and exchange platform
  • WP4 Local Piloting and Networking Development
  • WP5 National Tournaments and Policy Roundtables

The main results include the Needs Analysis report, Infographics, Online Exchange Platform

Collection of good practices; Webinars; Handbook; Policy recommendation and Stakeholder mapping reports.

 To achieve the general objective the project develops on 3 specific objectives:

1. The female refugees will be better equipped with skills and knowledge to achieve personal development, increase their participation in designing sports and volunteering activities

2. Increase the number of trained Football actors that will support the integration and social inclusion of female refugees in the sector, and increase their knowledge on methods and tools for successful inclusion of refugees in local teams

3. Develop new capacity building approaches to support CSOs working with refugees: they will build new capacities to better use the societal potential of football to help integration and acceptance of female refugees in the host communities.

INSPIRES will create a new network linking female refugees with football actors and CSOs willing/able to act as organisers, contributors and leaders in integration and social inclusion of refugees in EU. It will develop, pilot and foster practical solutions to support actors in football and CSOs to be able to implement football projects and activities that develop a refined understanding of the challenges, and opportunities, that sport has in the integration of refugees, with a focus on female refugees.

The project, through the organisation of local sport activities, national tournaments and by involving volunteer refugee women in the preparation phase, will promote and increase cooperation between refugees and host communities, the practice of sport activities and the benefits that arise among the refugees.

The project will further develop the existing Fare RefugeesandFootball website through an online platform and a web-app for actors and CSO’s working with refugees where they can share best practices, thus increasing the links between organisations promoting sport as a tool to integrate refugees. Good practices identified from the project will be shared through publications, seminar, webinars, and the capacity building and exchange platform, across the partners networks and at the EU level by the Fare network.

INSPIRES will run from Jan 2021 – Dec 2023, it is led by Fare network with five partners from ;

  1. Italy  (Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti Aps – UISP and
  2. GEA – Societa’ Cooperativa Sociale),
  3. Germany (Champions ohne Grenzen e.V.),
  4. Finland (Monaliiku) and
  5. Greece (Organisation Earth),

Who have dedicated their efforts towards refugee integration and development of new working methods to respond to refugees needs.