In April 2023, players from 1. FC Köln’s women’s team and four young refugee women from the Scoring Girls project dazzled a record-breaking crowd of 38,365 spectators. This remarkable event highlighted the power of sport to unite and inspire.

Founded by Kurdish refugee Tuğba Tekkal, the Scoring Girls project goes beyond football training. It combines athletic development with academic support and career guidance, offering a holistic approach to empowerment. By engaging strong female role models, Scoring Girls instills confidence and belief in the participants’ own capabilities.

The project’s reach is impressive. With over 150 girls from more than 15 countries participating in Berlin and Cologne alone, Scoring Girls expanded into Iraq in 2021. This initiative provides a supportive community for girls and young women, helping them overcome the trauma of displacement and war.

Scoring Girls ensures that any girl or young woman can join and find a sense of belonging and empowerment, proving that the impact of sport extends far beyond the field.

Source: Women’s football: Tuğba Tekkal’s Scoring Girls* integration project (

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