The Olympic Refuge Foundation (ORF) has expanded its Refugee Athlete Scholarship Programme, welcoming eight new athletes, including five remarkable women. This initiative not only enriches the programme’s diversity but also underscores the profound impact of sport in empowering female refugees.

Sport as a Vehicle for Social Change
Sport has long been recognized as a powerful vehicle for social change, and the ORF’s initiative exemplifies this truth. By providing a platform for refugee women to excel in athletics, judo, alpine skiing, and canoeing, the programme nurtures their athletic talents while fostering personal growth and resilience.

A Lifeline Beyond the Field
The Refugee Athlete Scholarship Programme offers more than just sporting opportunities. It is a lifeline for these women, providing access to high-level training facilities, national and international competitions, and crucial support networks. This comprehensive support not only elevates their sporting careers but also empowers them to reclaim control over their lives.

Transformative Impact and Future Goals
Looking ahead, the impact of the ORF’s initiatives promises to be transformative. The foundation has set ambitious targets to ensure one million young people affected by displacement have access to safe sport by 2024. This goal lays the groundwork for a more inclusive and equitable future, demonstrating the ORF’s commitment to using sport as a catalyst for change.

The expansion of the Refugee Athlete Scholarship Programme highlights the ORF’s dedication to empowering female refugees through sport. By supporting these athletes, the foundation is not only helping them achieve their dreams but also promoting broader social integration and resilience.

Source: Eight new Refugee Athlete Scholarship recipients announced ahead of 2024 Olympic Games  (

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