The pilot events promoted within the project Inspires which will be implemented by the Gea Social Cooperative have been inspired by the following good practices mapped by the developers in the previous phase of the project: “Futbol Mas Foundation” and “Bike Bridge”. The aim of these two good practices is promoting the improvement of technical sports skills, the knowledge of the territory and the exchanges with the community.

The first two meetings will involve refugee women volunteers and refugee women in two soccer trainings together with the grassroots football female team Quadrato Meticcio (already composed by players of different nationalities, mainly European). Women empowerment, social inclusion and cultural diversity are the main topics we will share about during the trainings.

The third and fourth meetings will involve cycling and/or walking to discover the playgrounds and parks with free sport facilities. Participants will also be given a map of the city with the mapped sports spaces.

The last event will be held at Sherwood Festival, in the area dedicated to sport, together with a conference where organizers and participants will share feedbacks, thoughts and ideas to enhance the experience led, to raise awareness and promote the practice of sports of women refugees and with migrant background.

More information on the dates of the events will follow soon.

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