GEA scheduled a variety of sporting events for female migrants in the spring. These started with a game that involved passing a ball around while introducing themselves, then moved on to learning Italian words and phrases and taking part in multiple football games.

The activities were organised in a public park in a neighbourhood easily accessible to the target group.
During the summer, a yoga session was also organised. We share the reaction of a woman on the yoga session: ‘Incredible, as a child I could do this position (the bridge position) very well’, which raised curiosity about the changes in women’s bodies, especially after childbirth. During the summer months, a swimming pool day was organised at the request of the project group, not only to have fun but also to promote swimming. Many women expressed their fear of not being able to swim and said they wanted their children to learn how to swim. 
We met 3 women from the group for the online webinar that was held at the co-op office. It was great to see them interacting with other women from around the world and reflecting on the challenges and journey of socialisation and engagement in sport 
Before the Christmas break, on December 19, GEA will host a meeting to stay in touch with the ladies, assure continuity, and get ready for the final event, which will feature sports, experience sharing, and conversations about the value of sports as a tool for social inclusion and empowerment.

Picture of one of the organised football matches
Pictures from the webinar

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