Pilot Session 1

The inaugural Pilot Session 1 was a initiative by GEA to foster integration and well-being among African refugee women. Held in a park, the session provided a safe and welcoming environment for participants to engage in various outdoor activities. The focus was on building a sense of community and belonging, encouraging physical activity, and promoting mental health.

Pilot Session 2

Pilot Session 2 extended its welcoming hand to Ukrainian refugee women. Also held in a park, the event was a blend of physical activities and social interaction, designed to ease the burdens of displacement and foster connections among participants. The session was facilitated by a volunteer from the refugee community, underscoring the project’s commitment to empowerment and peer support. This session stood as a testament to the healing and unifying power of shared experiences and the outdoors.

Pilot Session 3

This session took the innovative approach of integrating sport with social goals, using a football field as the venue. Tailored for the Quadrato Meticcio female team, the event emphasised teamwork, resilience, and empowerment through soccer. The session was more than just a game; it was an opportunity for participants to build confidence, form friendships, and feel part of a community. This initiative highlighted the transformative potential of sports in transcending cultural and language barriers, promoting inclusion and equality.

Pilot Session 4

Continuing the mission of fostering well-being and social inclusion, Pilot Session 4 once again was focused on African refugee women, offering them a sanctuary in the form of a park where they could engage in physical and recreational activities.

Pilot Session 5

Pilot Session 5 was hosted at a swimming centre in Padua, a unique gathering focused on providing refugee women with an opportunity to learn and enjoy swimming. The session was designed to offer a sense of freedom and relaxation, away from the challenges of daily life.

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