Increasing the participation of refugees in local sports activities is a fundamental way to help tackle the global refugee crisis and help thousands of refugees around the world integrate into their new communities and environments. Using sport as a tool for inclusion, coaches have a powerful way to help change people’s lives for the better.

In this webinar we will examine how coaches can organise sports sessions for refugees. The webinar will provide guidance and advice on how to prepare coaching sessions, what to consider, how coaching refugees differs from coaching sports sessions for local people and what best practices or cultural differences to keep in mind when working with refugees.

INSPIRE4ALL is a 12-month project running from January to December 2019 aimed at supporting the integration of refugees through sport in their host communities.

The project’s predominant focus is on increasing the participation of refugees in local sports activities, with a goal to raise the potential for host communities to positively engage with refugees through football and at least two other sports.

Using mixed sport sessions for male and female refugees and locals, and joint events that bring together refugees and local populations, INSPIRE4ALL applies a holistic approach to ensure long-lasting results for at least 100 beneficiaries, with a goal to reach at least 5,000 male and female refugees, sports people in sports clubs and NGOs.

Training seminars and study visits will also be made available for sport providers to learn how to reduce barriers for refugees to participate in sports programmes.

A webinar on how to plan and deliver sports activities for refugees and locals, INSPIRE4ALL toolkit with workshop module and action day template programme will be some of the outputs from the year-long project.

There are three project partners involved: Polisportiva San Precario, from Italy, Champions Ohne Grenzen from Germany and the Fare network. The Fare network is the lead partner in this project.

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The European Train the Trainer event focussing on the integration of refugees took place in Berlin, Germany on 7 December. The event gathered coaches and trainers from grassroot organisations and FA’s to discuss how sport coaching can be used as a methodology for refugee integration.

The INSPIRE4All – Integration through Sport and Inclusion for Refugees in Europe for all initiated by Fare network in partnership of Champions ohne Grenzen and Polisportiva San Precario, funded by the European Commission ended with a conference attended by delegates from more than 15 European countries

The 1-year project focused on increasing participation of refugees in local sport activities and increase the potential for host communities to positively engage with refugees through different sports. The final meeting ‘Train the trainer’ further presented the project results and empowered coaches to be an agent for change.

The 1-day event in Berlin covered key discussions on grassroot and national level. Specific workshops allowed coaches to share experience on inclusive sport sessions, supporting refugees to become coaches and how to overcome barriers in engaging refugees in their host countries. Practical tools such as ‘INSPIRE toolkit version 2’ were presented allowing the different delegates to offer help where needed.

Delegates from the Irish FA, Belgian FA, European Commission and grassroot organisations in both Belgium, Netherlands and Germany and many other countries participated in an engaging agenda where good practices were shared and acknowledged.

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