FC Lobberich - Dyck


FC Lobberich-Dyck and Refugee Aid Nettetal have joined forces to organise the first international tournament called the ‘United Nette Cup’ that counted with the participation of 70 players. The tournament was organised as means of intervention to address the lack of activities and engagement of young people in their provisional accommodation centre in Kaldenkirchen. The tournament will now run for the next few years thanks to the collaborative work between FC Lobberich-Dyck, Refugee Aid Nettetal and city’s social welfare office.

The tournament is part of ‘Flüchtlingshilfe Nettetal’ programme that also offers vocational education and the opportunity for refugees to learn German.

Currently FC Lobberich-Dyck has 15 refugee players who have been active in the club’s sport programmes and through that they have been able to interact with locals and be involved in the community.

There are other clubs who have been involved in the integration of refugees in the local regions such as, BSV Leuterheide, TSV Kaldenkirchen, VfL Willich and KSG Oh-Do-Kwan Dülken.

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