Take a stand, welcome refugees

3 years ago

There are 21.3 million refugees worldwide, most have left their homes, family and everything they own for a safer world and faced widespread hostility. You can join thousands of activists and football supporters by visibly showing your support through one of these T-shirts.

Available in navy blue, they can be bought for 10€ (£8 or $10) in sizes including: unisex M, L , XL, XXL and youth L (9-11 yrs), XL (12-14yrs).

All cash received from the sales will be used to work with refugees. Last summer we supported events in Austria, Italy, France, Germany, Hungary and Poland to promote the inclusion of refugees in host countries through football. This year will be the same.

Across Europe over 130 grassroots football projects are promoting refugee inclusion, some of which have been compiled by Fare and made available in a database of Refugees and Football initiatives.

To purchase the t-shirt visit our shop.

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