Shortly after the European Seminar, a Stocktaking Seminar was organised to evaluate the progress and impact of various sports inclusion initiatives. Participants engaged in reflective discussions, sharing successes, and learning from obstacles, setting the stage for more informed and effective future action, regarding the INSPIRES project

Monaliiku joined the INSPIRES European Seminar that brought together experts, activists, and community leaders to discuss the role of sports in fostering social cohesion. The seminar, , facilitated interesting discussions on best practices, challenges, and the way forward in making sports a tool for unity in diversity across Europe.

Monaliiku issued a vibrant call on social media for developers passionate about creating inclusive sports programs. The initiative aimed to build an innovative app that would connect people from diverse backgrounds through sports. The call resonated with many, leading to a collaborative development team that brought together a mix of skills, creativity, and a shared vision for inclusion

The project team launched an extensive online survey aimed at understanding community needs better. The survey, shared widely on social media, sought insights on the types of sports and activities most appealing to the community, with a special focus on inclusivity and diversity. The responses were overwhelming, providing a rich tapestry of ideas and preferences that would shape the project’s future initiatives