Organisation Earth launched its first Cycling Event. A group of enthusiastic participants gathered in Athens, and pedalled through the scenic routes, embodying the spirit of community and sustainability. This event marked the beginning of a journey towards environmental consciousness as well as bringing various individuals from diverse backgrounds together, fostering a deep connection within the community.

This webinar transcended national boundaries, uniting participants from across Europe in a shared mission to advance social inclusion and support for refugees. The event was a melting pot of ideas, experiences, and collaborative spirit, highlighting the importance of cross-border cooperation and shared learning in tackling the challenges faced by refugee communities.

The National Webinar served as a virtual meeting which brought together voices from across Italy to discuss, deliberate, and disseminate best practices and innovative approaches to social inclusion and refugee support. The webinar featured a range of speakers, including experts, community leaders, and refugees themselves, providing a rich tapestry of perspectives and solutions

This event, funded by AMIF and organized by GEA, was dedicated to social animation for refugee women, informing them about the myriad of social inclusion activities available within the community.

The gathering was a blend of information sharing, interactive sessions, and personal stories, creating a supportive network and empowering participants to take their next steps towards integration.