Continuing the momentum, the second Football Pilot Event by Organisation Earth witnessed a great turnout at a communal football field in Athens. Participants of all ages came together, sharing a love for the sport and a commitment to community engagement. The event highlighted the unifying power of football, bridging cultural gaps and encouraging unity.

On World Refugee Day, Organisation Earth, in collaboration with PAE AK and local partners, organized an event celebrating the strength and resilience of refugees. Activities and games were organized at Foivos Aiolos pitches in Athens, providing a platform for refugees to share their stories and cultures, fostering understanding and empathy among the broader community.

Held at a refugee camp field, the football pilot event, brought together football enthusiasts for a friendly match, emphasising teamwork and sportsmanship.
This event focused on building a sense of community and providing a recreational outlet for all involved.

The Yoga Pilot Event brought together individuals from various ethnicities for a calming experience, set up in a local park, Participants were able to relax and feel peaceful through yoga, transcending cultural barriers and fostering a sense of harmony within their community.

Following the first cycling pilot event, the second Cycling Pilot Event Earth saw an increase in community involvement. Riding through the streets of Athens, the cyclists shared a message of unity and health. The event served as a platform for participants to engage with their city in a new, eco-friendly way, strengthening community bonds and promoting sustainable as both children and adults from different backgrounds participated.