On International Migrants Day, Organisation Earth commemorated the contributions of migrants to society. Through various activities and discussions, the event highlighted the challenges faced by migrants and the importance of creating inclusive communities. It was a day of reflection and commitment to building a more understanding and integrated community

Aitana Bonmatí, the reigning Ballon d’Or winner, recently met with the A.E. Ramassà women’s team, a resilient collective of 35 women from diverse refugee backgrounds. These women, united by their shared journey of seeking refuge and asylum, have found solace, strength, and camaraderie on the football field.

A Dual Mission of Integration and Connection
This initiative, backed by the FC Barcelona Foundation in collaboration with UNHCR, embodies a dual mission: promoting the integration of refugee women and fostering personal connections through the transformative power of football. Utilizing the SportNet methodology developed by the FC Barcelona Foundation, the project aims to bring about social change and community cohesion.

Football as a Lifeline
For women like Svitlana, who fled the conflict in Ukraine, and Fereshteh, a journalist seeking refuge from Afghanistan, football serves as more than just a recreational activity. It is a source of strength and a means to rebuild their lives. Bonmatí’s dialogue with the AE Ramassà team highlighted the systemic challenges and barriers faced by women in both the sporting arena and broader social contexts.

Symbolizing Commitment Through Action
The unveiling of the new FC Barcelona jersey adorned with the UNHCR logo signifies a tangible commitment to supporting the millions forced to flee their homes. Beyond symbolism, this partnership allocates significant resources towards UNHCR projects worldwide, underscoring a shared dedication to fostering inclusive communities and providing essential assistance to those in need.

Empowering Women, Transforming Lives
Aitana Bonmatí’s engagement with the A.E. Ramassà women’s team is more than a symbolic gesture; it is a powerful statement of support and solidarity. Through football, these women are not only finding a sense of belonging but also breaking down barriers and forging new paths in their host communities. The initiative represents a beacon of hope, demonstrating the profound impact of sports in fostering resilience, empowerment, and integration among refugee women.

Source:Aitana Bonmatí, FC Barcelona midfielder and UNHCR supporter, visits a refugee women’s football team in Spain | ACNUR

The International Webinar was a global platform for exchange and collaboration, reflecting the universal challenges and opportunities in refugee support and social inclusion. The event showcased innovative projects, personal stories, and strategic insights, fostering a global community of practice committed to making a tangible difference in the lives of refugees

International Feed Forward Workshop, hosted by Organisation Earth, was an insightful event focusing on empowering refugees through education and collaboration. Held at Organisation Earth’s offices in Athens, it provided a space for sharing experiences and developing strategies for future initiatives, emphasising the importance of community support in aiding refugee integration

Pilot Session 1

The inaugural Pilot Session 1 was a initiative by GEA to foster integration and well-being among African refugee women. Held in a park, the session provided a safe and welcoming environment for participants to engage in various outdoor activities. The focus was on building a sense of community and belonging, encouraging physical activity, and promoting mental health.

Pilot Session 2

Pilot Session 2 extended its welcoming hand to Ukrainian refugee women. Also held in a park, the event was a blend of physical activities and social interaction, designed to ease the burdens of displacement and foster connections among participants. The session was facilitated by a volunteer from the refugee community, underscoring the project’s commitment to empowerment and peer support. This session stood as a testament to the healing and unifying power of shared experiences and the outdoors.

Pilot Session 3

This session took the innovative approach of integrating sport with social goals, using a football field as the venue. Tailored for the Quadrato Meticcio female team, the event emphasised teamwork, resilience, and empowerment through soccer. The session was more than just a game; it was an opportunity for participants to build confidence, form friendships, and feel part of a community. This initiative highlighted the transformative potential of sports in transcending cultural and language barriers, promoting inclusion and equality.

Pilot Session 4

Continuing the mission of fostering well-being and social inclusion, Pilot Session 4 once again was focused on African refugee women, offering them a sanctuary in the form of a park where they could engage in physical and recreational activities.

Pilot Session 5

Pilot Session 5 was hosted at a swimming centre in Padua, a unique gathering focused on providing refugee women with an opportunity to learn and enjoy swimming. The session was designed to offer a sense of freedom and relaxation, away from the challenges of daily life.

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